Oh the weather outside is frightful

It’s seems to me that common sense isn’t all that common when we get extremes of weather. During the summer, we get some days that are extremely hot when the risk of sunburn, sun/heat stroke, and such afflictions are at great risk, many expose themselves to these harsh conditions and thus put their health at risk. It seems strange to think about these things when we are currently experiencing the opposite temperatures, -40C with a wind making the temperature to be around -50C is DANGEROUS. If you don’t absolutely have to go out in this weather, then DON’T. Stay home, relax and keep yourself warm. BUT, don’t forget about your furry family members as well. They too can feel the effects of extreme temperatures and should be protected.

If on the odd chance you have to venture out, then take precautions. Bundling up with extra sweaters, ski-pants, socks, and warm mittens/gloves is the order of the day. It’s also not a bad idea to wear a scarf or face covering. Skin exposed to these extremely cold temperatures can freeze quicker than you might think. Should you be warming up your vehicle, don’t feel bad if you give it a few extra minutes. I know newer vehicles, with synthetic oil don’t need more than a few minutes to be ready to drive. But really, after only a few minutes the vehicle isn’t ready for the driver or passengers. Let it warm up long enough so that you are somewhat comfortable (warm) when you drive. Make sure your sightlines are clear, take your time and accept that it is far better to be a few minutes late to your destination than to have an accident along the way.

Above all, be thankful that we are having this kind of temperature in the middle of January and not in the middle of November. Spring isn’t really all that far away. Then we can spend time worrying about those other temperature extremes that I mention earlier.

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