“Keep Busy”, They said. . .

For that past 2 years I have been on a leave from work due to Health related issues. One of the results of this was a move back to Saskatoon from Cut Knife. We first landed with our youngest daughter Tanys and rented a room in her condo, I was in recovery mode and Donna (my wife) continue to babysit for our grandsons. A little over a year ago, with our welcome at Tanys’ waning, I can’t image that as a practicing 30 year old RN, it was easy having your parents as roommates, we had the opportunity to rent a lovely little house on Adelaide Street from Donna’s cousin.  While Tanys didn’t say we should move out, she was supportive of the idea. If fact she and her sister moved our stuff into the new house and out of the Condo without our having to ask for help. We were thankful to them because it has worked out well.

Our middle daughter Kendra, who was concerned that Donna might not be able to babysit anymore, encourage Donna to take on a few more kids, basically opening a daycare in the new house. So, one Saturday after we had moved in, Donna and I were out doing some errands’.  When we returned, much to our surprise, the mainfloor bedroom had been converted into a daycare room. Play centres were set up, toys had appeared, stuff was on the walls, the room was ready to go. Kendra then helped Donna set up an advertisement on a Mom’s site and before we knew it we had a couple of kids coming to us each day. When September came, and the new school year, we added two more full time. We are expecting to hit a high water mark of 8 full time and 3-4 partime/casual kids for next school year. One of the nicest things about the Day Home is that by having our grandson here he naturally calls us Grandma and Grandpa. The other kids have also been calling us Grandma and Grandpa as well. It’s cute at home, but when we take them out it can get a little confusing for others. It’s just another thing we don’t question or correct, but just roll with it.

I had no idea of the number of Mom’s who need care for their kids. As I said, we’ve got a full house, plus we have several on a ‘waiting’ list. It’s been truly an amazing year so far. Donna’s Day Home is a thriving home based business. I’m the ‘volunteer’ assistant and find the days go by way to fast. They get going by 7:30 in the morning and usually we’re done by 5 and we’re able to relax and have a drink.

I have no idea really how my treatment is going. I have Type 2 diabetes, but we’re getting things back under control. I also suffer from anxiety and depression. Again, with therapy, medication, diet & exercise, these have been held in check. Two years ago I had a complete breakdown. During which I wasn’t looking forward to the future at all. In fact I went through a dark period during which I seriously questioned my future, however, with the help of my medical team and with the support of my family and friends,  I’m doing really well and looking forward to the next stage in life. It’s certainly not what I expected, but then again, when the journey began 40 some years ago, I really didn’t have much concept of where it was going to go.

In addition to my activities at the Day Home, I’m trying hard to read regularly. I have always been an avid reader. It was usual for me to have more than one book on the go at any given time. I lost this during the past few years and have only recently gotten the desire and the stamina, to read back. I am also attempting, as you know by reading this, that I am trying to get back to writing on a regular basis. This blog is as much about my Therapy as it is about providing information to others.

All I can say is, “They”, whoever “They” are, were right in this case; keeping busy is the key to keeping healthy.

Oh the weather outside is frightful

It’s seems to me that common sense isn’t all that common when we get extremes of weather. During the summer, we get some days that are extremely hot when the risk of sunburn, sun/heat stroke, and such afflictions are at great risk, many expose themselves to these harsh conditions and thus put their health at risk. It seems strange to think about these things when we are currently experiencing the opposite temperatures, -40C with a wind making the temperature to be around -50C is DANGEROUS. If you don’t absolutely have to go out in this weather, then DON’T. Stay home, relax and keep yourself warm. BUT, don’t forget about your furry family members as well. They too can feel the effects of extreme temperatures and should be protected.

If on the odd chance you have to venture out, then take precautions. Bundling up with extra sweaters, ski-pants, socks, and warm mittens/gloves is the order of the day. It’s also not a bad idea to wear a scarf or face covering. Skin exposed to these extremely cold temperatures can freeze quicker than you might think. Should you be warming up your vehicle, don’t feel bad if you give it a few extra minutes. I know newer vehicles, with synthetic oil don’t need more than a few minutes to be ready to drive. But really, after only a few minutes the vehicle isn’t ready for the driver or passengers. Let it warm up long enough so that you are somewhat comfortable (warm) when you drive. Make sure your sightlines are clear, take your time and accept that it is far better to be a few minutes late to your destination than to have an accident along the way.

Above all, be thankful that we are having this kind of temperature in the middle of January and not in the middle of November. Spring isn’t really all that far away. Then we can spend time worrying about those other temperature extremes that I mention earlier.

January 13, 2020

This is a very cold day today in Saskatoon. Temperatures, with the windchill are below -40C. I did make it out earlier to move the snow off the front step and sidewalk, I’m glad I don’t have to go out until later when I go get the boys from school. I’m looking forward to getting a new routine started today, first and foremost is posting daily thoughts and events here on this page. My plan is to keep this journal current and then add extra pages with ‘Topics of Interest’ and ‘Advice’, that come to mind. I will also offer a regular column that will be a general comment of my observations of current events.

I hope you find the tales that I tell interesting and maybe, just a little bit inspirational or thought provoking. There’s nothing like a good debate to keep thought juices flowing, particularly when it’s so cold outside.